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About Us

BRT (Biomechanical Research & Testing LLC) is a research and consulting firm focusing on forensic analysis in the fields of biomechanics, human movement, accident reconstruction, mechanical failure, and visibility and conspicuity issues.  BRT personnel have extensive experience coordinating testing demonstrations for large scale conferences, research projects, and legal cases.  In addition, our personnel have conducted significant research in the fields of impact biomechanics and accident reconstruction that have ultimately been published by various entities.  BRT personnel have extensive forensic experience, and have the distinction of being qualified as biomechanical engineers, mechanical engineers and accident reconstructionists. 


BRT is a recognized leader in the industry, utilizing state-of-the-art testing, measurement and data collection equipment along with advanced software and techniques to perform our analyses.  BRT’s specialized equipment allows our personnel to conduct ground breaking research and perform extremely complex analyses of human tolerance, vehicle dynamics, vehicle components, and the forces involved in vehicle accidents.

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