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Amusement Park Consulting

BRT engineers employ the same rigorous scientific testing and analysis methods used in the automotive arena, for purposes of evaluating amusement park rides and attractions. We have been consulted by major theme parks and ride designers worldwide to biomechanically evaluate various rides and attractions, including biodynamic consultation on proposed ride designs, restraint system designs and seat designs. Our engineers have contributed to the establishment of amusement park standards worldwide through active participation in the ASTM F-24 Committee on Amusement Rides and Devices.


BRT provides advanced biodynamic investigation of amusement rides and attractions, including instrumentation of ride vehicles, instrumentation of adult and child human subjects, and the use of adult and child anthropomorphic dummies. Rides and attractions tested have included roller coasters, log flumes, motion platforms, and waterslides. We provide forensic consultation services for amusement park clients, and our engineers have courtroom experience in successfully explaining biodynamic issues associated with amusement rides and attractions.  


Amusement Park Testing and Consulting services:

  • Biodynamic aspects of ASTM F-24

  • Advanced biodynamic testing and investigation

  • Forensic investigation










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