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John S. Moors, A.B.

Mr. John Moors is a Research Engineer that has been working in this field since 2012 and joined BRT in 2014.  He received his Bachelors in Engineering and Economics & Business from Lafayette College.


Prior to BRT, Mr. Moors worked as a biomechanical research and test engineer at the UVa Center for Applied Biomechanics, designing test fixtures to deliver energy and simulate human injury and carrying out testing including the preparation and instrumentation of whole cadavers, biological specimens, Hybrid-III, and Thor dummies. He also assisted in post-test analysis and full autopsies of cadavers and biological specimens.

Mr. Moors is responsible for the investigation and analysis of injury-causing events. This includes the areas of vehicle and site inspections and accident reconstruction. Mr. Moors also conducts and supports research within biomechanics relating to vehicles and other phenomena.

Contact Information



(562) 494-4407 x130


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