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Premises Liability

BRT engineers perform technical analysis of accidents involving slip/trip and fall, impact by moving/falling objects, product failure and other incidents where injuries may occur while on a premises owned or controlled by another person.  Evaluation of these types of accidents can involve multiple areas of investigation including biomechanics, human factors, mechanical design and code compliance.


A biomechanical analysis performed by BRT engineers involves investigation of human tolerance, movement and environmental interaction.  Through detailed review of the medical records, evaluation of the accident environment, and knowledge of human tolerance to injury, BRT engineers can determine whether or not the documented injuries are consistent with the accident.  Additionally, analysis of human movement patterns and capabilities can provide insight into whether or not the accident environment contributed to the accident.    


Premise Liability Issues:

  • Slips, trips and falls

  • Coefficient of friction testing

  • Fall biomechanics

  • Lighting, visibility and conspicuity

  • Foreign object impact analysis and testing

  • Furniture failure

  • Code and standard compliance issues






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