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Professional Services

BRT engineers have extensive experience in reconstructing automotive, recreational and industrial accidents including analyzing low-light scenes for conspicuity and visibility issues.

A biomechanical engineering analysis combines the principles of mechanical engineering and biology to evaluate how the human body is injured.  Our entire biomechanical engineering staff has formal education and professional training in both engineering and biological/anatomical sciences.

A significant portion of automobiles on the roads today are equipped with readable event data recorders, sometimes referred to as “Black Boxes.” BRT personnel can access and download available data after a vehicle or heavy truck is involved in an accident.

BRT personnel are trained and certified in forensic mapping and scene investigation services. These include 3D laser scanning, the use of survey equipment and digital recreation of accident scenes, vehicles, buildings, or virtually any other object or environment.

BRT provides advanced biodynamic investigation of amusement rides and attractions, including instrumentation of ride vehicles, instrumentation of adult and child human subjects, and the use of adult and child anthropomorphic dummies.

BRT engineers perform technical analysis of accidents involving slip/trip and fall, impact by moving/falling objects, product failure and other incidents where injuries may occur while on a premises owned or controlled by another person.

BRT is an industry leader, utilizing and researching state-of-the-art simulation, visualization and animation capabilities. BRT personnel are extensively trained and have published peer-reviewed papers utilizing many advanced simulation, visualization and animation techniques and software.

BRT conducts fully instrumented tests of vehicles, amusement park rides and attractions, industrial incidents, daily activities, and virtually anything else involving movement of an object or the human body.

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