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Simulations, Visualization and Animation

BRT is an industry leader, utilizing and researching state-of-the-art simulation, visualization and animation capabilities. BRT personnel are extensively trained and have published peer-reviewed papers utilizing many advanced simulation, visualization and animation techniques and software.


BRT has a vast array of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional simulation capabilities. BRT personnel are highly skilled and trained to utilize and match all available physical evidence in our simulations. This allows complex analyses of vehicle dynamics and kinematics as well as crash forces and occupant motion.  BRT personal have also published many research studied validating the simulation software as well as developing advanced techniques for simulation.


These visualizations and animations are created to easily and effectively communicate opinions and facts of a case. We take advantage of many techniques including our advanced 3D laser scanning and surveying to create photorealistic and geometrically accurate diagrams and animations.


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