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Testing Services

BRT conducts fully instrumented tests of vehicles, amusement park rides and attractions, industrial incidents, daily activities, and virtually anything else involving movement of an object or the human body. BRT maintains a state-of-the-art data acquisition system, capable of collecting and processing data according to virtually any standard, including Society of Automotive Engineers J-211 (the standard employed by government agencies worldwide for automotive crash and component testing) and ASTM F-24 (the standard employed by the amusement park industry). Highly specialized instrumentation such as a Hybrid III anthropomorphic test device (crash test dummy), accelerometers, angular rate sensors, load cells, string potentiometers, optical velocity traps, strain gauges and high speed digital video provide insight into the manner in which an object, vehicle or the human body moves or responds to impact. BRT also has the capabilities to accurately measure and document low-light scenes with state-of-the-art luminance, illuminance, handheld reflectometers and digital video and still cameras.


BRT has been employed by various entities in order to provide testing and data reduction services for conferences, seminars and classes. Examples of testing include vehicle to vehicle collision, vehicle to barrier, vehicle interactions with roadway objects (curbs, speed bumps, debris etc.), vehicle handling, idle speed, pedestrian impact, head impact, vehicle component (bumper isolators, seat back, windows, etc.), martial arts, sporting events, bus, boat, and amusement park attraction. Our staff specializes in field testing under a variety conditions and have conducted testing internationally as well as throughout the United States.


Testing Services

  • Vehicle handling and impact testing including passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians, boats and airplanes

  • Testing of amusement park attractions including roller coaster, bumper cars, go-karts and motion platforms

  • Airbag, seatbelt and Event Data Recorder (EDR) testing

  • Component testing

  • Instrumentation and analysis of live human subjects in impact environments, sporting events and everyday activities

  • Instrumented Anthopomorphic Test Devices (ATD)

  • Foreign object impact testing

  • Capable of testing and processing data to virtually any applicable standard including SAE J211 and ASTM F-24

  • Testing for presentation at conferences, seminars and continuing education courses

  • On site and off site testing

  • Coefficient of friction testing

  • Ambient light testing

  • Retroreflective material and headlight testing




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